Connie – Hip Replacement

 “Prior to my hip replacement, I couldn’t walk through the grocery store.  I was afraid to schedule for a hip replacement because I thought it would make me feel older.  Instead my new hip feels more natural and 30 years younger!  Now, I’m not going to hesitate to get the other hip replaced.  I would like to give Dr Eichten a sincere thank you for giving me my active life back.” ~ Connie

 Dennis – Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Eichten had been monitoring my right hip condition for three years. He always mentioned that when I was ready he could do the surgery. No pressure. Of course, the condition did not improved with time but increasingly got worse.  I finally decided to have total hip replacement surgery. Believe me, the surgery was no big deal. Dr. Eichten and his staff did a fantastic job.  It has now been two weeks since the surgery. I’m walking everywhere using only a cane with full weight on the right leg. Also, today I started driving my car.

I would fully recommend, too anyone considering this surgery, to have a consult with Dr. Eichten. He is not only a skilled surgery but, maybe more important, a very caring person. Dennis 

 Debbie – Shoulder Arthroscopy

 “Every once in awhile, you find that special doctor that meets all of your expectations. We most definitely have found just such a professional in Dr. Eichten.

 As a professional artist, I need my right arm. Dr. Eichten could not have been more patient and understanding to my plight. He listened to my concerns, he never hurried me and gave me options to consider.

 Yesterday, he performed arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The results are beyond my wildest dreams. He took all of my concerns into consideration and brought me through with flying colors. Sure there is a little pain and that is to be expected, however, I am on the mend as I type this review ‘with both hands’. It will be a while until I can actually work at the easel but for now, I am happy, happy, happy.

 My husband is also his patient and is facing total knee replacement. Knowing that Dr. Eichten will be doing the surgery helps qualm our fears about a successful procedure.  

 How blessed we are to have found Dr. Eichten and would not hesitate to highly recommend him. As a matter of fact, I have already passed his name onto two other people.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Eichten.”


Michelle – Total Knee Arthroplasty 

 “Dear Dr. Eichten:

 I write this note to you with tears of gratitude to have finally come to the end of a three-year journey of unending pain and frustration. Had you not been diligent enough to listen to my persistent complaints regarding my knee replacement,(that was done by another surgeon), I would still be in agony.

 Your professional examination followed by a very successful revision has given me a new life. There are not enough words to express the hope you have given to me and my family for a return to a normal active lifestyle. I also want to thank your PA, Amy Steinhour who was a great comfort to me while I was in the hospital.

 May God bless you always.”


Danny – Total Knee Arthroplasty 

 “We want to thank Dr. Eichten and the staff at Joint Implant Surgeons for the excellent service they provide. The surgery was done great. There was very little swelling and no bruising. The incision has no drainage or signs of infection. Your choice of Gulf Coast Hospital made the stay as good as a hospital stay can be.  Thank you.”


 Pam – Total Hip Arthroplasty

Swimming in the gulf and walking through the Mayan ruins. All pain free. I never, ever thought I would enjoy a pain free lifestyle again. Thank you Dr. David Eichten. I could not be more please with the outcome of my total hip replacement.



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