I would like to thank Dr. Krynetskiy for the outstanding care he and his staff provided to me. After Twelve years in leg braces as a result of spinal damage, Dr. Krynetskiy was able to do what was considered by others as impossible. He gave me the ability to walk, once again, without the aid of braces. My first consultation with Dr. Krynetskiy, he advised me of all the possible outcomes and put me at ease with my decisions. Dr. Krynetskiy demonstrated a level of care and concern for me personally as a patient, a level that is not found in most other Doctors. He has provided me with a new a improved way of life that I will always be so grateful for, both physically and emotionally. I cannot recommend Dr. Krynetskiy enough for anyone needing help.

On a fun and positive note I would like to tell everyone, I can now wear flip flops, not because necessarily I like to wear flip flops but because now I CAN.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

Chris P.

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