“Recent dive trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia eight weeks after my hip replacement. I can say that I had no problems whatsoever diving with this new hip. Many thanks to Dr Humbert for doing such a good job on me.”

Recent dive trip of Caroline to Sulaweski, Indonesia.
8 weeks after Dr. Humbert Hip replacement

Caroline 10 days on dive boat

“I consider you miracle workers”
“Standing on dive boat with full tank, gear etc. which is plenty heavy” “Many thanks for doing such a great job on me”
“There are lots more pictures of big splashes than of rides – but look at that hip go!”
“3 months after my hip operation I was volunteering on a house gutting and rebuilding work in New Orleans. I was perfectly happy to be working on a ladder with a crowbar.” “If you know anything about kite boarding, you’ll know that this is only the first step in learning.”

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