Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida Therapy Services: Physical, Occupational & Hand Therapy

JISF Therapy Department provides in house therapy & a continuum of care for both surgical & non-surgical patients.

The Occupational Therapy team consists of Certified Hand Therapists whose expertise treats all orthopedic upper extremity pathologies, injuries & surgeries & includes fabrication of customized splint.

JISF experienced team of Physical Therapists have extensive knowledge in orthopedic rehabilitation & customize each & every treatment to work towards maximal therapeutic potential & achieve best possible outcome for patients.

The goals of therapy focus on restoring range of motion, flexibility, strength, stability, muscle sequencing, co-ordination and balance following injury or surgery & an ‘exercise prescription’ is an essential part of recovery.

Individualized one-on-one care is provided each treatment session & our therapists strive to motivate all patients to pursue a healthier more active lifestyle going forward to maintain an optimal level of function, prevent re-injury & enjoy a higher quality of life.

Therapy services available in both Fort Myers & Naples offices.
Contact Information: (239) 322-5050
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm Monday- Thursday 08:00 am- 3:00 pm Friday

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