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Vanguard XP Preserving Knee Implant

January 12, 2015
Dr. Edward Humbert is now using the revolutionary Vanguard XP Preserving Knee replacement that works with a patient’s natural ligaments. The Vanguard XP Preserving Knee differs from other total knees that require the removal of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) … Continue reading

Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida’s Physical Therapist speaks at upcoming USA Triathlon Conference

November 4, 2014
Physical Therapist, Dr. Steven A. Black will be speaking on behalf of Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida at the upcoming USA Triathlon Medical Multisport Conference on November 14-15, 2014 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He will … Continue reading

New Patient Portal now available

September 15, 2014
Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida has implemented our NEW Patient Portal which will allow our patients to communicate with our office easily and securely. Click on the Secure Patient Login to access your account. Access will allow you to request … Continue reading


"Recent dive trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia eight weeks after my hip replacement. I can say that I had no problems whatsoever diving with this new hip. Many thanks to Dr Humbert for doing such a good job on me."


“My recent hand surgery has not only made my job as a teacher much easier each day, but I can enjoy playing with my new Grandson without pain! Thank you Dr. Sagini.”


"Back to skiing after my knee replacements. Thanks Dr. Humbert."


“Thanks to Dr. Sagini,
I am back to water exercises after my shoulder replacement”.


"Enjoying tai chi after joint replacement. Thanks Dr. Humbert"

-Helen S

“I had my knee done so I could sail every day the sun is out and there is no ice on the water. Thanks Dr. Humbert”

-Dick S., Eagle Harbor in Ephraim, WI

"I have hiked this most beautiful place 15 times and Dr. Humbert's joint implant of my left hip enabled me to continue my love of hiking my favorite place. Thank you."